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Who is PhlebotomyHire?

PhlebotomyHire is a top go to source for jobs and career information in the medical field of Phlebotomy. Labs, Hospitals, Medical Offices and more trust PhlebotomyHire to be there number one source for job applicants looking to fill their job demands. Each month our site is visited by more and more trained medical professionals who rely not only on our up to date list of job openings, but also on our well sourced information of Phlebotomy training, certification, news, and more.

What Does PhlebotomyHire Do?

We have created a resource for all professions in the Phlebotomy field looking to start a new career or advancement in their current expertise. Our Website has been designed and built to help employers search and find the most qualified and trained medical professionals.

History of PhlebotomyHire

PhlebotomyHire was created by a team who felt there had to be an easier way to search and apply for jobs in the medical profession of Phlebotomy. There was no centralized job career source for trained professionals seeking a new job or starting a new career. After asking working Phlebotomist their feedback, we quickly realized, there needed to be a higher quality and better standards when it came to a job website. So, PhlebotomyHire was launched as a go to website for medical employers and medical professionals to connect.

Who We Help?

We strive to help anyone who is considering going into the career choice of Phlebotomy. Whether you need school guides, certified training course guides, exam requirements, resume tops, job search, or more, PhlebotomyHire is there to help you kick start your career and/or get you connected to the right employer to fit your job skills and goals.

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